Becoming a Group Analyst

The learning process throughout the training is primarily experiential, as we believe that this is how one learns best. In particular, through the experience of being in long term therapy, running a group and participating in group supervision.

The Introductory Workshop

This is a 3 day residential workshop that offers participants the opportunity to experience being in small therapeutic groups, and participate in seminar sessions which introduce some of the basic principles of Group Analysis.

The Training Stages

The Foundation Year

The one year Foundation Course draws upon psychoanalytic theory, social science and systems theory in its understanding of the human experience.

The Intermediate Year

This year builds on the one year Foundation Course, to offer an advanced introduction to the Group Analytic approach to general group-work as it is currently practiced in social, health care and educational settings.

The Qualifying Course

The Qualifying Course is a three + year clinical training that follows on from the Intermediate Year and enables them to become independent practising Group Analysts.

Course Content

The ‘curriculum’ will consist of a wide range and number of elements – including, but not limited to:

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