The Qualifying Course

Primary Focus
  • The Qualifying Course is a three+ year clinical training that follows on from the Intermediate Year. The course aims to help students develop a critical and enquiring mind towards psycho¬≠analysis, group analysis, and other psychotherapy and social theories.

It is a long standing and highly respected course aimed at providing students with a fundamental understanding of Group Analytic theory and practice that will enable them to become independent practising Group Analysts.

Core Components
  • The tripartite structure: personal group psychotherapy + seminars on theory and practice + supervised clinical practice.
  • Written assignments
Essential Requirements

Each Session is for a duration of 90 mins

  • Theory Seminars – 167 Sessions
  • Group Therapy – 200 Sessions
  • Supervision Groups – 80 Sessions
  • Large/Median Groups – 50
  • Qualifying Paper – 6000 words
  • Assessment – Written and Oral Presentations
  • Attendance – 80%
  • Qualified Group Analyst (International)

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