The Intermediate Year

Primary Focus
  • This year builds on the one year Foundation Course, to offer an advanced introduction to the Group Analytic approach to general group-work as it is currently practiced in social, health care and educational settings.

It is aimed at the development of the theoret­ical and practice based knowledge in group analytic psychotherapy, which will also be applicable to other forms of group psychotherapy in other settings.

Core Components
  • The structure of this year will be similar to that of the Foundation Year
  • Personal psychotherapy in an ongoing group analytic psychotherapy group
  • Seminars – deepening and understanding of group analysis in relation to schools of psychoanalysis
  • Setting up and running your own ongoing therapy group
  • Group Supervision of ongoing group
  • Written assignments
  • Regular contact on Zoom between blocks for theory seminars and group supervision
Essential Requirements

Each Session is for a duration of 90 mins

  • Theory Seminars – 26 Sessions
  • Group Therapy – 40+ Sessions
  • Supervision Groups – 25+ Sessions
  • Large/Median Groups – 15+ Sessions
  • Written Assignment – 4000 words
  • Assessment – Written and Oral Presentations
  • Attendance – 80%
  • International Diploma in Group Work Practice

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