Introductory Workshop

A precursor to the Foundation Year in Group Analysis

This 3 day workshop offers participants the opportunity to experience being in small therapeutic groups. In addition, the seminar sessions will introduce the basic principles of Group Analysis.

The intention of the workshop is twofold:

a) to help participants judge whether they would like to embark on a longer journey in group psychotherapy,

b) to get a taste of what might be expected of them if they were to enroll for the Foundation Year.

Who is it for ?

For those interested and involved in working with groups

Why Group Analysis ?

Group Analysis is a powerful therapeutic medium that focuses on the relationship between the individual and the group, emphasizing the essentially social nature of human experience. Our philosophy is that as personal difficulties arise in groups, groups are the best place to explore, understand and try and resolve them.

What can I learn ?

– Recognize the effect of group dynamics on self and others

– Increased self-awareness and self-reflexivity

– Understand group dynamics from a Group-Analytic perspective

– Understand the meaning of fundamental Group Analytic terms such as Dynamic Administration, Mirroring, Resonance, Matrix etc.

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